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The Greater Erie Board of REALTORS® has partnered with Real Estate Express and McKissock Learning, the leaders in online real estate pre-licensing and continuing education courses to give their members easy access to quality online education! We are confident our online real estate education solutions will help real estate professionals stay up-to-date on their requirements, improve real world skills, and boost productivity and income! Plus, you'll receive the support you need to excel in your career. 


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With our top online state- and board-approved courses, agents and brokers gain knowledge and skills to help them succeed in their careers and be essential members of their teams. 

PLEASE NOTE: The ethics courses, NAR: May The Code Be With You and Ethics in the Age of Disruption, have been approved by The Greater Erie Board of REALTORS® and, therefore, are in line with NAR's upcoming Code of Ethics policy updates (taking affect 1/1/2022) and must be accepted as meeting Code of Ethics training requirements in the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, West Virginia, Ohio, and New York.

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